The 163d ATKW Chaplain Corps provides the following services to Airmen and their families:

  • Confidential marriage, family and spiritual counseling
  • Visitation in duty areas
  • Mobility line and mobility participation
  • Literature (Bibles, prayer books and tracts)
  • Studies and fellowship

Special Observances

Baby Dedications
Unit members may have babies christened or dedicated. Coordination at least three months in advance is requested.

Unit members may request a Chaplain to officiate their wedding free of charge. Additionally, members may be able to use the historic base chapel for their wedding if available and coordinated at least six months in advance.

For unit members who are shut-in or ill, Chaplains are able to administer communion by appointment in a hospital or home setting.

Anointing of the Sick

Chaplains are available to officiate funerals based on availability.

Funeral Resources

Our Mission

The mission of the Chaplain Section is to provide a comprehensive ministry, through Chaplain Corps personnel, aimed at meeting the spiritual and morale needs of the assigned Air National Guard personnel and their families.

Chaplain Corps Personnel

Chaplain Corps personnel participate in the unit's deployments (both exercises and actual deployments) and other readiness functions including engaging in the unit's social, humanitarian, and recreational activities.

Chaplain Corps personnel also conduct a regular schedule of visitations to the various work centers as well as in homes and hospitals, as necessary.
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Duty hours 0730 - 1630
After duty hour appointments by request.

Main Office: (951) 655-5404
Religious Affairs Airmen: (951) 655-2267

Duty Cell Phone in case of emergency:
(951) 236-0496

Please include date, time, duty section, and number to call back in text or voice mail.

Bible Study Groups

Weekly Bible Study Groups

Tuesdays, 1130-1230
Coed Bible Study
Building 2273, LRS Conference Room

Wednesdays, 1130-1230
Women's Bible Study
Building 2273, LRS Conference Room


Services for other faiths are available at nearby locations during UTA weekends. Contact the Chaplain's office for more information.