New policy allows March personnel to maintain firearms on base with proper credentials, SF approval

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  • By 452nd Security Forces Squadron

Brig. Gen. Russell Muncy, Commander, 452nd Air Mobility Wing, signed a guidance memorandum on Nov. 19, 2016, approving significant changes to the annex of the Installation Defense Plan, which governs the use and control of privately owned firearms (POF) on March ARB and federal base property islands located outside the base perimeter. 


The new policy allows individuals with certain credentials to register POFs with security and maintain control of the firearm while on base. The policy change comes a few weeks after the Pentagon released detailed guidance that allows U.S. soldiers, sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard personnel to carry privately owned, concealed firearms on base with Commanders permission.


Following the release of the Pentagon’s guidance, members of the 452nd Security Forces Squadron immediately recognized the opportunity and quickly began working on a new policy to propose to General Muncy for approval.


“The Air Force has been the most proactive branch of the military when it comes to mitigating the active shooter risk at military installations,” said Senior Master Sgt. Javier Murillo, 452nd Security Forces Squadron Operations Superintendent. “In my opinion, the Air Force has appropriately responded to these risks by changing previously restrictive POF policies and allowing installation commanders to develop and implement local guidance governing the use and control of POFs on their bases.”


The new policy allows California issued a California issued conceal carry permit (CCW), or a civilian Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) credential and assigned Security Forces members with a Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) credential. CCW permit holders, civilian LEOs and LEOSA credentialed personnel to register POFs with Security Forces and retain the POF under their control while on the installation. 


“Primarily, what everyone needs to know is that the new policy only applies to March ARB personnel, our mission partners, tenants, sister services and affiliates who possess one of the following credentials: a California issued CCW, or a civilian LEO credential and assigned Security Forces members with LEOSA credential.” Murillo said.  “All others must follow existing POF policy, which means they must report their POFs to Security Forces when entering the installation and store them in the Security Forces armory while on base.”


There are more guidelines and further restrictive aspects to the program, so it is strongly suggested that any individual in one of the three authorized categories call the Pass and ID office at 655-3791 or go to the Visitor Control Center in building 2370 for more information prior to bringing their POFs on base. POFs will not be authorized on the installation until the registration process has been successfully completed with Security Forces. 


“Any person who brings a POF onto the installation without successfully completing the registration process will forever lose the privilege.” Murillo added.


All interested personnel should contact the Visitor Control Center to request the registration documents and further information.  Security will begin registering POFs for the general base populace on Dec. 12, at the VCC between the hours of 1 and 3 p.m. daily.